Beaded Spiders

Some more ideas for making beaded spiders, a great way to use up odds and ends of beads and wire.

Method One
For large hole beads
Here are my ingredients, seed beads, bugle beads, craft wire for the legs and larger beads for the body and head, these need to have a hole large enough to fit 4 pieces of the craft wire through them.
Cut 4 long lengths of wire. 
If your beads are bigger or you want your spider to 
have longer legs allow more wire.
Push all 4 wires through the smaller (head) bead. 
Fold the wire over the bead as shown in the picture, the ends of the wire should be roughly level with each other.
Put all the wires through the larger bead and 
push it up to the other bead.
The holes of the beads should be lined up with each other. 
Divide the wires into 2 lots of 4.
Bring one set of 4 wires over the bead and wrap it 
tightly between the 2 beads.
Bring the other 4 wires over and wrap in the opposite direction.
You now have 4 wires on each sides for your spiders legs.
Separate the wires and thread on the small beads for the first leg.
Trim the wire down and roll up the end with round nosed pliers. 
Repeat for all the other legs and bend legs into shape.
Here's some more I made earlier!

Method Two

For beads with smaller holes
Here's how to make a spider with beads that have a smaller hole.
I have used a couple of odd beads from my stash.
Coil up the end of a piece of wire to create a head pin.
Put both beads on the wire and form a wrapped loop. 
Cut four pieces of wire and wrap them around 
your spider body one at a time.
Add beads of your choice to the legs and finish off 
as in the first method.


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