How To Make A Beaded Dragonfly

I made this simple beaded dragonfly with 0.3mm craft wire, size 6 seed beads for the tail and body and size 8 seed beads for the wings.

1. Cut 30cm of wire from your reel and thread on 1 size 6 seed bead. Place the bead half way along the wire and fold the wire together.

2. Add 9 size 6 beads over both wires, if you want a longer tail add more beads.

3. Separate the wires, add 2 size 6 beads to one wire and cross the other wire through in the opposite direction.

4. Pull up the wires until the beads sit like this.

5. On one wire add 25 size 8 seed beads.

6. Thread the wire back through the 2 size 6 body beads.

7. And pull up tight to form a wing.

8. Add 25 size 8 beads to the other wire.

9. And pass the wire back through the 2 body beads so it looks like this.

10. Add 2 more body beads (as step 4)

11. Pull wires up firmly.

12. Add 30 size 8 beads to one wire and put the wire back through the last 2 body beads.

13. Repeat for the other wing, then add 2 more body beads (as step 4)

14. Place a contrasting size 6 bead on each wire (eyes) then cross the wires through a size 6 bead.

15. Pull the wire up firmly and you are finished.
Use the wire that is left to either make a loop to hang up your dragonfly or to attach it to your project..

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  1. It is lovely, thanks for sharing

    1. happy to share, glad you like it :)

    2. Thank you for the tutorial.

  2. My grandson is coming over this weekend to make a dragonfly suncatcher. He's gonna love this!

  3. The dragonfly is beautiful and get so simple to make.
    Thank you ☺ x

  4. Gracias. Un maravilloso trabajo.
    Se ve fácil con tu explicación y además de inspiradora.

  5. Very nice of you to share! Very clear directions and perfect pictures! Thanks!!

  6. This is lovely and thank you for the detailed steps.

  7. Method is well explained , with beautiful pictures


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