Springtime Daisy Stitch

This is my own design and is suitable for beginners.
Made with size 8 and size 11 seed beads, 2 metres of beading thread and a toggle clasp.

Tie the middle of the thread to one end of your clasp 
so you have two approx. 1 metre long threads.
Pass both threads through 3 green size 8 seed beads.

To make your first daisy use just one thread and add 8 x size 8 seed beads.
Go through the first 2 beads you added again to form a loop.
Use any colours you like for the daisies, you will need at least two colours.

Pull the loop up close to first beads and add 1 x size 8 bead in a contrasting colour for the centre of the daisy.
Count back 4 beads from where your thread comes out and pass your needle through the next 2 beads (marked with a red arrow) pull up the thread until the bead pops into the middle.
You have made the first daisy ❁

Repeat until you have the length you require.
It may look a little sloppy but don't worry it will neaten up when you add the leaves. 

Add 3 size 8 green seed beads and tie on the other end of the clasp.
Go back through the 3 green beads and 3 of the beads on one side the end daisy as shown.

Add 1 x 8/o, 1 x 11/o, 1 x 8/o seed beads in green.
Pass your needle through the 2 outer beads of the next daisy.

Continue in this way to the other end.

 Do the same along the other side.

Sew around the last daisy until your thread is coming out of the last green size 8 bead.
Add another set of 3 green beads and go through the next size 8 green seed bead.

Go though the next 2 daisy beads and the following green bead as shown.

Repeat all the way round your bracelet.

Thanks for looking!



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