Wire Wrapped Pendant

You can use any wire or beads you like, a flattish bead works best.
I have used a large heart shaped bead and 
0.9mm plated wire for this pendant.
You will also need these tools, wire cutters, flat pliers and round nosed pliers
Work from your reel of wire to save wastage, first slide the bead up the wire then using round nosed pliers start to roll
the wire round to form a spiral.
Continue rolling the wire preferably with your fingers if you can to prevent damage to wire - stop when you have the size you want.
Now slide the bead down towards your coil.
Fold the wire over so the coil is sitting on the front of your bead.
Using your round pliers turn a loop just above the top of the bead.
Hold the loop with your flat pliers and wrap the wire 
round as neatly as you can.
Leave enough to make another spiral, snip off the wire, spiral the wire as before and press against the bead
Hang your pendant on some faux suede, leather cord, string 
of beads or whatever you fancy.

Thanks for looking!



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