Dream Catchers

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I've made a few dreamcatchers now, this one was a commission from a friend that really likes green!

I've used an 8 inch wreath frame and started by choosing a mix of green beads in different shapes and sizes and some bronze coloured seed beads as spacers. 
Beads are wrapped around the frame using copper craft wire.

wall art
And here they are all the way round.

I added this butterfly bead.

I'm making the web with gold coloured nylon macrame thread.

Web all finished with beads and large lime acrylic crystal in the middle.

Ribbons in shades of green and brown and bicone beads.

And now with feathers glued into the beads it's all finished.


Here are some others I made earlier

brightly colourd dreamcatcher decorative art
Sunny and bright oranges and yellows.

dreamcatcher decoration
Soft and pretty pastels with frosted glass and acrylic beads.

wall art beaded hanger
Purple and lilac.

Thanks for looking!

Get in touch if you would like me to make a dream catcher for you.
Deliveries to UK only


  1. Absolutely beautiful - can’t wait to receive my order x

    1. thank-you Sue, I'm just finishing it off now :)


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