Diagonal Bracelet Tutorial.

Easy to make bracelet, this example is made with faceted bicone beads and seed beads. This design can easily be adapted to use different bead shapes, sizes and colours to create your own unique jewellery.
Suitable for beginners this design forms diagonal stripes and
makes up quite quickly.

For this example I have used 5x6mm bicone beads, size 8 seed beads, size 5 seed beadsS-lon beading thread and a gold plated toggle clasp

You will also need 2 beading needles.

1. Cut about 1.5 metres of thread and knot the middle of the thread to your clasp loop so you now have 2 threads of roughly equal length. 
Thread a needle to each end.

2. Put both threads through 3 of the smaller (size 8) seed beads.

3. Separate the threads, on one side add a bicone bead, on the other side add one size 8 seed bead, one size 5 seed bead and another size 8 seed beads as shown.

4. Pick up a size 5 seed bead on one thread and pass the needle of the other thread through in the opposite direction so the threads are crossed through this bead.

5. Pick up another set of beads but on opposite sides to before.

6. Cross the threads through a bicone bead, you can see the first diagonal row of purple beads has formed. .

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until you have the length required.

8. After adding the last set of beads, do not cross through a bead but instead pass both threads through 3 size 8 seed beads as shown. Pass one thread through the loop of the other part of the clasp and knot them together.

9. If you want to tighten and strengthen your work weave back through to other end of your bracelet with each thread (easier if you do this one at a time) then tie off the ends by passing one thread through the eye of the clasp and knotting them together, thread back through the 3 little seed beads and snip off.

Put a dab of clear glue on your knot if you wish, I use clear nail polish for this but any clear glue will be fine.

All done!

Here are some more made with various beads.

This one is a little more chunky, it is made with 6mm matte silver Czech glass beads and 6mm fire polished crystals.

I think pink and gold are so pretty together, used here fire polished crystals and matte gold seed beads.

This one is made with size 8 seed beads for a more delicate look and feel, would also be nice as an ankle bracelet.

Cream seed beads and white glass pearls great colour for wedding jewellery



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