Making beaded bauble covers

beaded Christmas decoration
This is my own design for a beaded Christmas bauble cover
I started with a row of bugle beads stitched round and round so they sat together side by side
this part is decreasing brick stitch with size 11 seed beads
now a few rows of square stitch
next I repeated the brick stitch triangle on the other side of the bugle beads
I've added a dangle, using a mix of seed beads and bugles and a shiny red glass drop bead
and another shorter dangle
I decided 5 dangles would be right for my bauble so I made 4 more.
I made a two row seed bead circle that fitted around the top of my bauble
And attached all the dangling pieces
I sewed more beads around near the top and to finish off I added a row of fancy swags with bead drops

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Thanks for looking! 
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