I'm making beaded wire seahorses.

A custom order for two adults and 4 baby seahorses, this is the work in progress of the mummy seahorse

First I made a seahorse shaped wire frame with 1mm silver plated copper craft wire.

I chose some pastel coloured 6mm fire polished crystals and size 8 seed beads in silverlined crystal and started wrapping them onto the frame with a thinner wire.

I made the dorsal fin with the size 8 seed beads

And continued adding the beads until I reached the snout.

I've wired around the snout, adding an eye and am continuing to add beads to the frame.
I have used 4mm fire polished crystals around the outside edge.

Nearly there, the whole frame is now wrapped with sparkly beads.

I made a beaded flower for the tummy

All done!

Here's some I made earlier.

and here are the babies.

Thanks for looking!

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